Stucco Patching and Waterprooing

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Stucco siding material is appealing to many homeowners because of its appearance and durability. Although stucco has a natural resistance to fire, some maintenance may be required. Houston Stucco Repair can help waterproof and patch stucco walls.

Cracks, Holes and Flaking

Stucco can last for hundreds of years if it is properly maintained. Original stucco is susceptible to cracks and holes that can build up over an extended period of time. Depending on the type of crack and where and when it formed, most cracks can be repaired through patching.

Flaking is usually an early sign that repairs may be needed. Flaking consists of chipped wall that is uneven and does not fit with the rest of the stucco. If a stucco wall has cracks or holes, this can be a serious problem. Rainwater that can penetrate behind stucco can cause problems with infrastructure and can be quite costly to fix.​

Stucco Repair Houston TX

Texas can experience the type of temperature fluctuations that have the potential to wear down stucco. Over time, cracks and flaking can occur. While some cracks may seem small and harmless, water can still seep in and cause damage. By assessing the surrounding stucco, the structure can be inspected for any weather damage.

Patching is a particularly effective method when sealing cracks and holes in stucco. Because stucco is known for its unique texture, stucco reparation is designed for durability and design aesthetic. Patching works for chipping, cracks and holes.​

Water Damage Houston TX

Waterproofing paint can protect stucco against heavy rainwater or water damage from snow or leaks. This is a straightforward process that does not involve stripping the original paint. Instead, an overcoat is simply added to the outer layer of stucco.

Waterproofing not only protects stucco, but also offers the chance to change the wall color. Whether you’re interested in keeping the existing color or making a change, waterproof coating comes in many different colors. Since water damage Houston TX can be extremely costly, this is one way to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Contractors Houston TX

Hiring a professional to seal stucco walls is preferable to the DIY method. Professionals can assess the structure around cracks before patching or sealing stucco. Without the proper knowledge of structural foundation, repairing areas that may not be sturdy enough can cause further damage to the walls.

Houston Stucco Repair experts can recommend a variety of sealing products. For waterproofing with a sealant layer, contractors can help you choose the right protection. Water sealant, usually a clear coat, can be superior to waterproof paint because of its longevity. Depending on your priorities for look and use, professionals are most equipped to help.​

Stucco Repair Houston

Stucco is a popular wall material for multiple reasons. It’s aesthetic gives the structure an artistic look without too much flamboyance. It’s material resistance also provides the kind of support and durability that a wall must have to stand the test of time. Stucco is an inexpensive way to provide a long-lasting and beautiful structure.

As with all building material, stucco, too, must be maintained. For the right stucco repair service, there are many options to choose from. A waterproof barrier can repair parts of a wall that have been hit hard by weather and water. A waterproof sealant or paint can prevent water damage. Patching is an inexpensive way to seal specific cracks and holes. To understand which works best for your structure, hiring a professional is recommended.