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​EIFS Repair

Coating walls of your home never gets easier and better without the expertise from the esteemed and reputable stucco repair Houston TX. We are a solid team of serious and dedicated experts offering stucco installation, and stucco repair services. We, at Houston stucco repair, specialize in all forms of stucco.

Our skilled contractors at stucco Houston TX, diligently handle both traditional hard coat stucco as well as the new EIFS and stucco foam products. With our substantial expertise and vast experience dealing with all forms of stucco, it is effortless to fix your walls with any kind of stucco you’d choose. This, especially, gives as an edge over all other stucco repair companies Houston TX, making us the top choice for stucco installation and repair.

We guarantee you the just-right EIFS installation and repair for your walls. So, if you are a homeowner in Houston, Texas, looking for the best care for your stucco, we are your first stop. We are the best when it comes to stucco supply in Houston.

About Us

Your home requires the most dependable coating material. So, EIFS is a perfect choice. However, it also has it’s shortcomings such as cracks, water damage, and loose holes. In addition to that, the damage caused and the repair you need will depend on the type of stucco to be used.

Most times, some stucco repair companies Houston TX may promise quality installation or repair but end up messing the work. We at stucco repair Houston, assure you quality work if you choose us. Since we possess expertise in all forms of stucco, we will advise you about the state of your current stucco and how upgrading it a little can provide the durability you can trust.

Water damage is the most prominent issue affecting stucco siding. What’s even worse is that the damage is already done but it’s invincible. That’s not something to worry about since stucco repair Houston can detect any future water issues and fix them before getting worse.

What is EIFS Repair? Benefits of this?

EIFS can serve you for such a long time without getting damaged and provides such an appealing appearance for your home. However, it also comes with its flaws. Cracks, holes, water problems can lead to more damaging results. Sometimes, areas of the coating material become loose and completely fall away. As such, you will need to hire competent professionals at Houston stucco experts to repair the EIFS.

During the repair, we will fill the loose holes, cracks, and brighten the fading EIFS to provide an appealing look. We, at stucco Houston TX, will also weatherproof the EIFS to last for a long time.

You’ll benefit more from hiring a professional for your EIFS repair. We are adept at the job, so, we’ll save you money that otherwise would end in disaster if you hire a non-professional.

Lastly, we use high-quality materials that fit durable EIFS repairs. So, if you need an EIFS repair you should choose us for quality stucco supply in Houston.